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Trocar Sharpening Service- $60 Per Set

Trocar Sharpening Service- $60 Per Set

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If you require trocar sharpening, our team can get the job done quickly and efficiently. With a two-week turnaround, you can be sure your surgical tools will be as sharp as before. Having sharp instruments is essential for the best results when inserting hormone pellets.

The cost is $60 per set. 

TROCARS MUST BE CLEANED AND STERILIZED BEFORE SHIPPING. A $30 charge will be applied for each trocar set requiring cleaning and sterilization. Trocar sets are "married". The original cannula and awl should stay together. If your trocar is mismatched, please label it as such. Wrap each trocar individually prior to placing them into a box or padded envelope. Send this form with your trocars. Pack appropriately to avoid shipping damage. We recommend obtaining insurance and tracking on all packages sent to our facility. We are NOT responsible for lost or damaged shipments. 

Two weeks turnaround

Shipping: $20 Flat Rate to mail the repaired/sharpen trocars, which will be paid at check out. -

Shown are trocars that have been damaged and trocars that our sharpening service has restored.

Click here to download the form that must be sent with your trocars. 

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